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The Feather in Motion

by Adam Fizyta | Published April 27, 2022

The Feather in Motion

Forty-one years ago (1981), my parents escaped communist Poland as political refugees with nothing but two suitcases, two small children, and faith in one another. Upon arrival in Detroit, they had no jobs lined up, no home to go to, and no friends/family nearby to turn to for support. This journey quickly conditioned them to believe in themselves and one another. There was literally no other option.

Fast forward to 2010, Catoctin Breeze Vineyard was officially rooted in the ground. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we planted vines in Maryland, an unassuming winegrowing state. Our journey continues to be challenging, vitalizing, and humbling; fueled by our collective desire to build something meaningful for our family and our community.

What started as a fun project has now evolved into our family’s mission – to produce world class wines and offer exceptional customer service to our guests. The more we learned about winegrowing, the more we fell in love. Catoctin Breeze is our way of life, and we will continue to be relentless in our pursuit of showcasing the character of our soil, our family, and our people in every bottle. Year after year, we gain more confidence in both the vineyard and cellar; and much of that has to do with you all believing in what we are trying to accomplish here in Frederick County.

One of the greatest gifts that Catoctin Breeze has given us has been the relationships we’ve developed with our club members and guests, many of whom we now consider friends. We’re incredibly grateful for our loyal following and attribute our success to you all.

As we continue to evolve, we wanted to create a label and brand that told our story. One with a true connection to my family. We’re fortunate enough to work with some brilliant people who could illustrate our past, present, and future on a wine label. While the character of Catoctin Breeze has always been in the bottle, we can proudly say that the story of Catoctin Breeze is now captured on the bottle. We credit this to our friends Marco, Lauren, and Tim from DC based Ultra Studio, who after 12 months of collaboration, came up with the following:

“The feather in motion represents the journey of vineyard founders Voytek and Alicja Fizyta from Poland to their new home in America. The mark is an abstract depiction not only of migration and flight, but of two eagles—the white-tailed eagle of Poland and bald eagle of the US, iconic symbols from each respective homeland that convey courage and strength in the face of adversity. Two feathers are significant in personifying the family, specifically two generations working side by side, and the idea of both the present and future. This symbol drawn from the natural world is the key brand mark for Catoctin Breeze Vineyard.”

Eagle feather:
• Freedom, journey, and adventure
• Nature or connection to the land
• Honor, integrity, and respect
• Strength and wisdom

Feather in motion:
• Progress
• Flight and migration
• Always moving and never stagnant

Two feathers together:
• Family and generation
• Present and future
• Care and devotion

That being said, thank you for believing in our mission, and for your endless support. We raise a glass to you all. Cheers!