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Our People

A team of passionate pioneers on a mission to craft world class wines and offer an exceptional experience to our guests.

Voytek & Alicja Fizyta: Bottling the American Dream

Fleeing Communist Poland as political refugees, Voytek & Alicja Fizyta’s dream of a better life started when they landed on American soil in 1981 with nothing but two suitcases, two small children, and faith in one another. The couple had two more children and their new life in America centered around their family and pursuing their professional ambitions. Once their children were grown, Voytek and Alicja started to consider what their next adventure would look like.

Since food, wine, and spending time with friends and family had always been their life’s passion, their dream of making wine and starting a winery emerged — and the idea of Catoctin Breeze was born.

They spent months looking for the perfect site – a site with the right soil composition, abundant air flow, superior soil drainage, and ideal sun exposure. As soon as they stood at the top of the hill overlooking the Catoctin Mountains to the west and the Emmitsburg Valley to the east, they instantly fell in love. They knew immediately – this is it. In 2010, the first vines were planted on their magical hillside in Thurmont.

And so, their latest adventure continues – crafting great American wines, uniquely their own. Learn more about their winemaking philosophy here.

The CBV Team

Voytek Fizyta


Mike Lentini


Daniel Larason

Vineyard Manager

Jimmy Coleman

Assistant Winemaker

Joe Mercado

Operations Assistant

Kelly Smith

Event & Club Manager

Leah May

Tasting Room Manager

Adam Fizyta

Marketing Director